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Current coin price of 22.01.2020

Fine WeightPurchase PriceSales Price
1/1 Ounce 1245.00 € 1295.00 €
1/2 Ounce 622.00 € 688.00 €
1/4 Ounce 310.00 € 342.00 €
1/10 Ounce 125.00 € 141.00 €

American Golden Eagle (USA)

The American Eagle shows the illustration of an eagle and has its name from the old gold coins from the American period of economic raise. Because of the composition of the alloy metals (3% silver and 5,33 % copper), this gold coin is more practical against scratches. As continuous motive, the coin shows the Liberty on the one side and on the other side the eagle flying to his nest.

Securitas Aurum – your gold shop in the Internet

Securitas Aurum is a young, dynamic and growing e-commerce business assisted by a very competent team with over 20 years experience in the field of purchase and sale of investment gold coins - Gold Bullion Coins and Gold Bullion Bars.

Securitas Aurum is namely commercialized via traditional advertising campaigns and through the internet.  In addition, the company is continuously expanding due to its marketing concept: clients acquire clients whereby the customers have the possibility of obtaining rewards from referrals.